Azerbaijan’s Foreign Ministry: The aggressive rhetoric presented by the Armenian side clearly demonstrates malicious intention of official Yerevan

“While the President of Azerbaijan spoke at a press conference for local and foreign media about the prospects for construction and cooperation in order to achieve security and peace in the region in the post-conflict period, the destructive approach and aggressive rhetoric presented by the Armenian side clearly demonstrate the malicious intention of official Yerevan,” said spokesperson for Azerbaijan’s Foreign Ministry Leyla Abdullayeva as she responded to media's question on commentary by Armenian FM’s representative on the statements made by the President of Azerbaijan at the press briefing.

“If Armenia, as its Foreign Ministry representative said, takes the position of revanchism by modernizing its army, if this country still does not understand that decades of aggression and occupation have only resulted in hostility and discord, and if it does not draw conclusions from recent events, this country itself is drawing the line over the secure and prosperous future of its people.

As proved by the Patriotic War, Azerbaijan is always ready to ensure its sovereignty and territorial integrity within its international borders and is able to resolutely prevent any threats that potentially may emanate in this regard,” Leyla Abdullayeva added.

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