Azerbaijani political parties issue statement on France’s position on Nagorno-Karabakh conflict

Political parties in Azerbaijan have issued a joint statement on France’s position on the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict.

“On September 30, French President Emmanuel Macron made careless, false statements in the Latvian capital of Riga about the Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict and what is happening on the frontline. The French President then slandered our country based on fake information and rumors, and without any proof. These statements have caused fierce outrage within the Azerbaijani community and we are fully confident that France cannot maintain its objectivity as an OSCE Minsk Group co-chair," the statement said.

"While in 1993 France was one of the countries that voted in favor of the four resolutions demanding immediate withdrawal of the Armenian troops from the occupied Azerbaijani territories, it now does not distinguish between the aggressor Armenia and Azerbaijan, which faced aggression, supporting the aggressor Armenia in a biased fashion."

“France has committed genocides in Algeria, Vietnam, Djibouti, Chad, Gabon and Tunisia.

We are firm believers that one can’t have differing approaches to the international values. We would advise Mr. Macron against voicing loud statements to Azerbaijan about Nagorno-Karabakh and instead to approach the situation the way it did with the self-determination right of people in Corsica.”

The parties said they believed a mediator should be unbiased and fair.

"Azerbaijan fights aggressors on its own lands. Azerbaijan’s position is just. Our position is based both on international law, and historical fairness. Karabakh is Azerbaijan!"

"All political forces stand by Commander-in-chief Ilham Aliyev on Karabakh issue. The Armenian army must withdraw from Azerbaijani territories and territorial integrity of our country must be fully restored. This is a historical right of the Azerbaijani people."

"Statements made by the French President have seriously affected Azerbaijan-France relations. We do not regard France as a Minsk Group co-chair because of its support for aggressor," the political parties said.

The statement was signed by:

1. New Azerbaijan Party (YAP) – Ali Ahmadov

2. Civil Solidarity Party – Sabir Rustamkhanli

3. Ana Vatan (Motherland) Party – Fazail Aghamali

4. Great Establishment Party – Fazil Mustafa

5. Whole Azerbaijan Popular Front Party – Gudrat Huseynguliyev

6. Party of Democratic Reforms – Asim Mollazade

7. Unity Party – Tahir Karimli

8. Citizen Unity Party – Sabir Hajiyev

9. Azerbaijan Democratic Enlightenment Party – Elshan Musayev

10. National Front Party – Razi Nurullayev

11. ReAL party – Ilgar Mammadov

12. Azerbaijan Hope Party - Igbal Aghazade

13. National Revival Movement Party – Faraj Guliyev

14. Azerbaijan Democratic Party – Sardar Jalaloghlu

15. Azerbaijan People's Party - Panah Huseyn

16. Justice Party – Ilyas Ismayilov

17. Classic Popular Front Party – Mirmahmud Fattayev

18. Free Democrats Party - Sulhaddin Akbar

19. Azerbaijan Liberal Party – Avaz Temirkhan

20. Azerbaijan National Independence Party – Arzukhan Alizade

21. Aydinlar Party – Gulamhuseyn Alibayli

22. Republican Party of Azerbaijan – Subut Asadov

23. Azerbaijan Social Democratic Party – Araz Alizade

24. Azerbaijan Social Welfare Party – Asli Kazimova

25. Great Azerbaijan Party – Elshad Musayev

26. National Unity Party – Yunus Oghuz

27. AG Party – Tural Abbasli

28. Modern Musavat Party – Hafiz Hajiyev

29. Liberal Democratic Party of Azerbaijan – Fuad Aliyev

30. Compatriot Party of Azerbaijan – Mais Safarli

31. Freedom Party – Ahmad Orujov

32. Alliance Party for the Sake of Azerbaijan – Abutalib Samadov

33. Free Republican Party of Azerbaijan – Kamil Seyidov

34. People's Democratic Party – Badraddin Guliyev

35. Democratic Azerbaijan World Party – Alisahib Huseynov

36. Yeni Zaman Party – Musa Aghayev

37. Citizen and Development Party – Ali Aliyev

38. People's Democratic Party of Azerbaijan – Rafig Turabkhan

39. Azerbaijan Communist Party – Haji Hajiyev and Rauf Gurbanov

40. National Congress Party – Ikhtiyar Shirinov

41. Independent People's Party – Aflan Ibrahimov

42. United Azerbaijan National Unity Party – Hajibaba Azimov

43. National Democratic Party of Azerbaijan – Tufan Karimov

44. Azerbaijan Evolution Party – Teyyub Aliyev

45. Unity Party – Khudadat Khudiyev

46. Future Azerbaijan Party – Aghasif Shakiroghlu

47. Azerbaijan National Movement Party - Samir Jafarov

48. Azerbaijani Fighters Party – Aghadur Muslumov

49. Gorgud Party - Firudin Karimov

50. National Democratic Party of Cognition - Osman Afandiyev

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