Khojaly memorials across the globe

Republic of Turkey, Ankara
Khojaly Museum Complex
İnagurated: 28.03.2014
Address: Ankara, Kizilcahamam
Sculptor: National artist of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Natiq Aliyev
Subtitles: “We will always remember and never forget....” “Unutmadıq, unutdurmayacağız...”

Republic of Turkey, Izmit
İnagurated: 2015
Address: Yenisheher District, in front of Izmit Municipality

Republic of Turkey, Uşak
İnagurated: 2016
Address: Karaagac district 9, altindag street, Central Uşak

Republic of Turkey, Izmir
Khojaly massacre monument in the Khojaly park
Inagurated: 2017
Address: Karabaglar, Salih omurtak district, 9600/9603

Republic of Turkey, Ankara
Khojaly monument
Inagurated: 26.02.2014
Adress: Ankara, Keçiören
Sculptor: National artist of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Natiq Aliyev
Subtitles of the monument: Over the night of 25-26 February 1992, Armenian armed forces , with the support from the former USSR’s 366th Motorized Infantry Regiment seized the Khojaly city of Azerbaijan and committed a massacre against Azerbaijanis. During the most terrifying massacre of human history were killed 613 people, including 106 women, 63 children and 70 elderly.

Republic of Turkey, Izmir
Khojaly massacre monument in the Azerbaijan Friendship park
Inagurated: 2016
Address: Municipality Bornova, Karacaoglan district 6236/1

Republic of Turkey, Danizli
Karabakh Park and Monument of Khojaly Massacre
İnagurated: 2016
Address: Karahasanli district, Ali Marim Boulvard

Federal Republic of Germany, Berlin
Inagurated: 30.05.2011
Address: Gottfried-Benn-Bibliothek, Nentershäuser Platz 1, 14163 Berlin. It was built in the yard of the Gottfried Benn Library in Steglitz-Zehlendorf.
Subtitles of the memorial: "For tolerance, peace and democracy, against war and violence”, (“Für Toleranz, Frieden und Demokratie, gegen Krieg und Gewalt”)
Sculptor: Salhab Mammadov, Akif Asgarov, Ali İbadullayev, İbrahim Ehrari

United Mexican States, Mexico
Inagurated: 22.08.2012
Address: Tlakskoake-Khojaly Square
Sculptor: National artist of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Natiq Aliyev
Note : In the Tlakskoake-Khojaly square the medieval historical church was renovated and ““Tlakskoake–Xocalı”” subtitled church bell was donated to the church

Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo
Inagurated: 24.02.2012
Address: Sulejman Filipovico street, Sarajevo, "Friendship" park
Subtitles of the memorial complex:
“War in Bosnia and Herzegovina (1992-1995)
Massacre of Khojaly, Azerbaijan (25-26.02.1992)
To the memory of the victims
Rata u Bosni i Hercegovini ( 1992-1995)
Tragedije Hodzali Azerbejdzan (25-26.02.1992)”

Kingdom of Netherlands, the Hague
Inagurated: 24.02.2008
Address: Kamperfoeliestraat Park
Subtitles of the monument: “To commemorate the victims of the Khojaly, Karabakh region of Azerbaijan, 26 february 1992”. “The nagedachtenis aan de Azerbeidzjaanse schlachtoffers KHOCALY Provincie Karabakh van Azerbeidzjan 26 Februarı 1992”
Description of the monument: Mother raised her child over her head to protect from the Armenian aggressors

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