PACE Bureau approves results of Azerbaijan’s constitutional referendum

Bureau of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) has unanimously approved a memorandum of head of the PACE assessment mission for the Constitutional referendum in Azerbaijan and Macedonian delegation to the Assembly Aleksandar Nikoloski.

The document says that “the referendum was organized in accordance with the national legislation and the Constitution of Azerbaijan and is considered legal and legitimate; the voting process was transparent, well organised, efficient and peaceful throughout polling day, and that no serious violations were observed during the counting process, and that is why we respect the will of the Azerbaijani people; the result of the referendum, in favour of adoption of the modifications to the Constitution, expresses the willingness of the people of Azerbaijan to take a step forward towards safe, stable and sustainable development of their country and to target the establishment of a more efficient system of governance and the implementation of more meaningful reforms needed for the country to respond to the democratic and economic challenges it faces.”



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