Azerbaijani MP asks CoE commissioner to react to desecration of Azerbaijani soldiers’ bodies

Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights Nils Muiznieks presented the 2015 annual report at the PACE session on Monday.

The commissioner answered questions by assembly members,APA correspondent reported. 

Ganira Pashayeva, a member of the Azerbaijani Delegation toPACE, asked the commissioner the following. 

“The Azerbaijani Delegation toPACE has sent you a letter regarding Armenia’s provocations against Azerbaijani civilians along the contact line between the two countries. During the latest incidents on the contact line, Azerbaijan, in full compliance with international legal and humanitarian norms, abode by the rules of exchanging the dead bodies. But we were shocked by inhumane actions committed by Armenia on the bodies. We have plenty of photos proving these inhumane acts, crimes carried out by Armenia. We would like you, as a human rights commissioner, to express your attitude towards these crimes committed by Armenian armed forces.” 

In his response, Muiznieks expressed concern over the recent escalation of violence in Nagorno-Karabakh which resulted in human losses, urging the conflict parties to put an end to tensions, avoid violence, closely cooperate with the International Committee of the Red Cross and honor the norms of international humanitarian law.   

“We are also concerned over the fate of those reported missing. The more time passes, the more difficult it becomes to investigate the matter. Because it is becoming harder to find victims,” Muiznieks stressed. “Right, I received appeals on the issue you mentioned, this is a very serious issue and it is very difficult for me to comment on it. Because at the time of the conflict there were very few international observers,” he said. 

The commissioner said he will keep this issue in the spotlight and continue contacts with the parties.



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